Digital Toolbox for the Arts

Digital Toolbox for the Arts
Produced by Culture Works
Commissioned by The Arts Council

Digital Toolbox for the Arts - A Planning Tool

The Digital Toolbox is practice based and has been informed by the expertise and learning of those who have created digital work since April 2020. It includes a set of practical tools and resources as well as recorded webinars with leading practitioners. Each of these resources addresses the challenges and opportunities encountered in the production and presentation of digital work by the arts sector.

The Toolbox

Download the Digital Toolbox for the Arts on The Arts Council website and access resources, tools and videos to help you present your work digitally.

The Future is Bright Webinars

The Digital Toolbox is accompanied by a series of webinars that look at the future of digital work in the arts. Over two days, artists, producers, curators, practitioners and digital experts shared their experience in working digitally. You can re-watch all four sessions now! 

Webinar 1 –  No Going Back

What have we learned about digital in the past year?


  • Brian Fenton, Druid Theatre Company
  • Úna Monaghan, Artist
  • Neil Murray, Abbey Theatre
  • John Gerrard, Artist

Chaired by Olwen Dawe



Webinar 2 – Digital: The Business End

How can I leverage digital to present my work?


  • Andrea Martin, Media Lawyer
  • Kevin & Jean McCoy, Artists
  • Anna O’Sullivan, Butler Gallery
  • Darach Ó Tuairisig, Fíbin

Chaired by Una Carmody

Webinar 3 – Innovation in Practice

Do you want to experiment with new digital forms?


  • John Gunning, Digital Expert
  • Úna Minh Kavanagh, Journalist & Multimedia Content Creator
  • Maïa Nunes, Artist

Chaired by Linda Shevlin

Webinar 4 – Dissemination

How can I promote my work using digital channels?


  • Kate Costello, Digital Strategy & Marketing
  • Cliona Maher, Clonmel Junction Festival
  • Linda Shevlin, Curator

Chaired by Craig Flaherty

Illustrations by Ciara Chapman

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