Culture Works creates and produces exciting and unforgettable arts and cultural experiences in Ireland.  We work in collaboration with artists and arts organisations to realise their artistic vision and create work that engages and captivates audiences. Our creative focus is on projects that explore locality and placemaking. Culture Works provides services across multiple art forms – from theatre to the world of digital arts, literature to outdoor spectacle, visual arts to site-specific work –  as well as in the areas of policy development, project management and strategic planning.

The arts are for everyone – whatever the art form, whatever the place. We believe in the power of artists to make the world sit up and notice.

What we do

We have successfully created and produced, developed and managed, connected and supported artists and arts organisations in Ireland and across Europe.

Our connections across the cultural sector, our understanding of the unique requirements of the arts world, and our practice-based reputation for delivering exceptional work underpin everything we do and everything we create.  

Create & Produce

At Culture Works we create and produce exciting quality arts and cultural experiences for audiences in Ireland. Our creative focus is to explore locality, placemaking and what it means to be human today.

Project Management & Coordination

Creative projects thrive in a supportive environment. Combining our extensive knowledge and industry expertise we work with artists, arts organisations, funders and key stakeholders in the areas of project management, budgeting, funding, education and training. 

Strategic Thinking & Consultancy

Connections matter. Culture Works empowers organisations to strategically plan for the future. As a practice-based organisation, our specialised knowledge of the Irish cultural sector coupled with our unique European connections can provide access to producing and funding networks and the scope to establish creative partnerships.