The Future of Cross Border Cooperation in the Arts - ARINS

The Future of Cross Border Cooperation in the Arts – ARINS
Client: The Audience Agency
Project Managed by Culture Works
Commissioned by ARINS (Analysing and Researching Ireland North and South), Royal Irish Academy

The Future of Cross Border Cooperation in the Arts was a research project delivered by The Audience Agency working with Culture Works’ Matti Allam who was providing project management support to the research team. Led by Dr Steven Hadley, academic and consultant, the aim of the report was to investigate the interconnections between the arts sector in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Culture Works supported the report through

  • Coordination and scheduling of interviews
  • Managing Focus Groups and writing up reports
  • Mapping organisations, funds and projects working cross border on the Island of Ireland
  • Collating data from Local Authorities Arts Officers around cross border cooperation on a local level
  • Collating of Case Studies
  • Analysing cooperation in EU projects between Ireland and Northern Ireland in the Arts and Cultural Sector
  • Communication support for published report
You can also listen to the findings of the report in podcast format


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